4 Way Nail Buffer

4 Way Nail Buffer

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Buff your nails to perfection with this pretty 4 Way Nail Buffer by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. With 4 eye catching sides to File, Remove Ridges, Smooth and Shine, you can prep your fingernails for a longer lasting manicure. Designed using our signature floral pattern and a blue, green and pink polka dot, you’re only 4 steps away from beautifully shiny, healthy nails.

The 4 Way Nail Buffer is approximately 92mm X 32mm X 28mm

Step 1- File- Shape your nails into your preferred shape filing from the edge to the centre.Step by Step

Step 2- Remove ridges- Buff the surface of the nail in circular motions, but don’t overdo it, as this can damage the nail.

Step 3- Smooth- Now rebuff the new nail surface to get a smoother finish, reaching any missed imperfections.

Step 4- Shine- Shine the nail surface to get a super glossy, natural finish.

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