Fingernail Clippers Floral

Fingernail Clippers Floral

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The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Floral Fingernail Clippers are so easy to use and make keeping nails neat and tidy child’s play.

Suitable for all nail types these clippers come packaged in a beautiful box so perfect to give as a gift and are covered in our signature floral pattern so look super pretty too. They’ll be a great addition to any make-up bag.

Whether your nails are in need of a bit of TLC or a quick touch up, The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Floral Fingernail Clippers will work wonders. This strong and hard-wearing tool is comfortable to use and small and compact so pop them into your make-up bag or handbag keeping them handy at all times.

Remember for even healthy nails; don’t cut too near to the nail bed to avoid ingrowing nails.

The Vintage Cosmetic Comapny’s Floral Fingernail Clippers are approximately 58mm in length


  1. Lift the clipper arm and turn it 180 degrees so that you’re ready to clip your nails. Push the clipper arm down to cut your nails. Be sure to cut straight across the nail to avoid cracking nails. Don’t cut the corners to avoid ingrowing nails! Leave your nail long enough to protect against pressure.
  2. To perfect your mini manicure why not use The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s cute manicure Scissors to remove any hangnails.
  3. Then to complete the look use one of our Emery Boards to shape.
  4. Then sit back and admire your gorgeous nails. Apply a slick of polish to finish. Keep your hands smooth and hydrated by applying hand cream daily.

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