Scissors Floral

Scissors Floral

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Nail Scissors – Vintage Floral Print

The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s floral Nail Scissors are sharp, sleek and perfect for precise cutting of fingernails and toenails, lashes and more…

Made from high quality stainless steel these Nail Scissors will fast becomes a great addition to your tool kit.

Use to trim fingernails, toenails, hangnails and even your strip lashes these hard working little scissors are fantastic so make sure they’re a permanent fixture in your make-up bag.


  1. Prep your nails; make sure they’re clean to avoid any unwanted germs.
  2. Use the floral Nail Scissors to cut hangnails, being careful not to open the skin. They’re also great to trim nails, keeping them even as they grow.
  3. Cut your nails straight across and in a square shape. To avoid ingrowing nails, don’t curve the edges.
  4. Then use The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Emery Board to perfect the shape.
  5. Admire your gorgeous nails. Why not pamper them with some hand cream or add a flick of your favourite nail varnish?

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